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Significance Of Bou Bhaat In Bengali Wedding

Bou Bhaat refers back to the first time that a newly-wedded bride served meals to her own circle of relatives. It is the last ritual of a bengali marriage. I have witnessed this ritual sometimes in the marriage hall near me, banquet hall near me, and sometimes in my relative’s marriage. It is symbolic of a sort of ceremonial meal which paves the manner for the bride to come to be a commonplace member of her husband's own circle of relatives. In the afternoon, whilst the day's most important meal is typically eaten in Bengal, she is anticipated to prepare dinner and serve her in-legal guidelines, a conventional meal which includes rice, vegetables, dal and fish. If etymology is a determinant, then this meal, known as bou bhaat, can be taken into consideration to be the fabricated from a rural or agricultural peoples ethos.

Unlike the dadhi mangal or the hours of fasting that follow, the 2 phrases making up bou bhaat, actually translatable as bride-rice, aren't indicative of deprivation or appeasement.

On the contrary, that is a time whilst the younger bride is considered a mature, nurturing lady who can contend with her own circle of relatives's needs. During this time, the husband gives a complete plate of meals alongside a brand new sari. This is sort of a sort of symbolic confirmation on a part of the husband that he's now accountable for and could contend with all her needs- meals, apparel and shelter.


Only after she has served her in-legal guidelines, can the bride take a seat down right all the way down to eat. In houses that also strictly adhere to custom, this can be the primary time that she eats meals supplied via means of her new circle of relatives. From the preceding day (whilst she had left her parental domestic together along with her husband and arrived at her in-legal guidelines' residence) till now, she has best eaten meals provided via way of means of neighbours or friends. The noon meal completed, the bride rises, commonplace and blessed, prepared to start her new life. Usually, this rite is observed via way of means of a reception withinside the evening, hosted via way of means of the groom's father. After the party, the bride and groom visit the bride's own circle of relatives's residence for 2 nights. On the second one day, the groom's own circle of relatives is invited to the bride's residence for a meal, and they depart with the bride and groom. This meal is known as firani or araiya. Shopping is performed via way of means of the groom for this meal. In a few parts, like in jap Comilla, in Bangladesh the firani is held after 8 days, known as at naiyor.


In a bou bhaat rite, the bride wears a conventional shari given both via way of means of her father or in-legal guidelines, at the same time as the groom wears a in-shape given to him via way of means of his in-legal guidelines.


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